Tony Grove Lake Adventures

Well then, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged… I’m working on changing that… Hopefully I will keep up on blogging a little more from now on… So please check back sporadically… Or subscribe to my blog… Here we go…

Tony Grove Lake Adventures

Last Sunday my boyfriend and I went up to Tony Grove Lake since I had a little cabin fever. Thank god for my boyfriend who always knows what I need when I get antsy… Some camera time away from people… Since we decided to stop and grab a coffee up in Logan and the only place that was open was Hastings, we ended up leaving way later than planned (I just can’t leave a bookstore without buying at least one, or two, or three books… You get the idea… ) Needless to say we made it up to Tony Grove Lake by the time the sun was already behind the mountains… But since that’s when the beautiful light begins I was determined to find the best spot possible for some blue hour pictures… So off we went around the lake… God bless my patient boyfriend since I stopped literally every few feet to take pictures of… you can probably guess… more flowers…

We were lucky and had no wind so the reflection turned out great.

After I took a few pictures from that view point I packed up my gear (which means, I was carrying my bag with some extra lenses, my Nikon camera around my neck, my Canon camera on my tripod over my shoulder (yeah, I don’t do anything half way… I own a Canon and a Nikon camera… So I can definitely talk about the pros and cons of each brand… 🙂 ) ) we started on our track back to the parking lot… It was so dark I had to use my cellphone flash to see the rocks on the trail… So here we are walking in the dark (since that side of the lake wasn’t highlighted by the moon) and I decided to take a short cut (at least that’s what I thought it was, oh my was I wrong!! And yes, I should have listened to my boyfriend… I do admit guys do have a better sense of direction… At least compared to me… 🙂 ) and ended up in the middle of the woods in the marsh… 🙂 so here I am, balancing my gear (trust me, my boyfriend offered to help me carry the equipment, but I’m a “little” peculiar about that, I don’t trust others with my gear…), trying to stay somewhat dry, climbing over a log and… slipped and fell… Thank god for marshes though… It doesn’t hurt a lot if you fall into mud… 🙂 and since I had my cameras in my hands I had no way of keeping myself from falling (I always hold on to my cameras even if they are hanging around my neck just in case the strap brakes (I know, how often does that happen, right? :)) or they are dangling around and hitting something). Anyway, I’m sure everyone knows by now that I would rather land flat on my face than dropping my cameras. 🙂 Kudos to my boyfriend for not flat out laughing right away and actually showing concern about me first… (That did change once he figured out I was ok… Hahaha And trust me I can’t fault him for laughing, it must have been pretty funny… :))

After I got back up we finally found the main trail again (I just have to remember from now on to just go up the mountain, not down towards the water!!! ) Once back at the parking lot I decided that I did wanted to try and take some pictures from that side of the lake, too… Here is one of them…

Tony Grove Lake, Logan Canyon, Utah, Copyright HB1 Photography
All in all we had a great time at Tony Grove Lake including getting wet in the marsh (The marsh water does smell a little for sure… I noticed that once we were back in the car… My poor boyfriend didn’t say one word about it though… And anyone that knows him knows that it must have taken him a great deal of discipline to not say something about me getting in his nice clean newish car all muddy, dripping and smelling… Hahaha And yes, I know I have a keeper!!) .

Have you ever experienced something similar? I would love to hear about it! 🙂

Now off to new adventures… All I can say is “Sun Tunnels”… 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend my friends and I shall be back soon…

(HB1 Photography)