About Me



Welcome to my page. I'm so excited for you to be here. My name is Heike Bammann and I'm originally from Germany. I moved to the U.S. in 2003 and am currently living in Clinton, Utah. 

I was always intrigued with America even before I visited for the first time. Let me explain... One of our TV stations in Germany showed every Friday night one or two Western movies, (you know the ones with Cowboys and bandits) and it was my mom and mine Friday evening date. I loved it. And I was always so fascinated by the vast and beautiful scenery here in the US. And for sure also by the heroic Cowboys and their beautiful horses. So eventually my family and I came to visit and traveled all over the United States. And I fell in love with this beautiful country even more.

 A few years passed and I happened to receive an internship offer as a Freight Forwarding agent in Layton, Utah. So there I was, barely finished with my vocational schooling in Business in Germany and ready for a new adventure. I packed two suitcases, said goodbye to my family and friends and got on an airplane on my way to Utah. 

Funny thing was that I didn't know anything about Utah, I couldn't even really find any pictures on the internet about Salt Lake City. The only pictures I found were three pictures of someones backyard in the snow so I knew Utah has snow in the winter... So once I had settled in my German roommate and I started traveling to most of the National Parks around here (anything we could get to on a weekend) and I started documenting every trip we went on to show my family back in Germany how beautiful everything here is. I've never seen a bluer sky than here in Utah... I missed my family (still do) and the only thing I brought with me from home was a photo album that my sister gave me and a folder with pictures and a heartfelt letter that my dad gave me. I still have these and love looking at them since so many things have changed since then...  

Fast forward one and a half years later, after my Internship was over I didn't wanted to leave. So I decided to go to school here. I ended up going to Weber State University and received my bachelor's degree in Accounting. During my studies I met a guy and we got married. Unfortunately it didn't work out and we got a divorce. I was devastated and my insecurities grew. I wondered if the divorce happened because I wasn't pretty enough or skinny enough or because of my accent (yes, I still have a German accent). Needless to say it made me question everything about myself a lot. When I finally started to rebuild my life I started to get more into portrait photography instead of just landscape/animal photography. And I absolutely fell in love with Boudoir Photography. I love how empowered it makes women feel. I love how it can boost women's confidence and self love. Going through my divorce and feeling the self doubt especially about my looks I know how hard us women are on our self's. We always find some flaws in our looks and are never satisfied or happy with how we look. I've heard so many rejections about why women can't have a boudoir session it makes me even more determined to show every one of these amazing women how truly beautiful they are. 

Let me show you what I can do to help you see your own beautiful self.  Set up a consultation with me and let me portrait you as the woman you truly are. Beautiful and fabulous!!

Have a beautiful day,